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As of June 19, 2014, the operation of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation has been transferred to both the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Public Works and Government Services Canada.  Content on this site has been archived for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.
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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

 Dartmouth, NS - August 16, 2009 - The Government of Canada is investing $4.6 million in key Nova Scotia infrastructure projects under Canada’s Economic Action Plan. The announcement was made today by the Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway.

“Our Government’s Economic Action Plan is stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and supporting communities hit hardest by the global economic slowdown,” said Minister MacKay. “We are providing timely, targeted stimulus to communities across the province by supporting the upgrade and renewal of recreational facilities, as well as encouraging increased participation in physical activity and community building.”

The investment of $4.6 million in 25 projects is being made under either the government’s Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) program or the Community Adjustment Fund (CAF). The total cost of these projects, including the federal contribution, is valued at more than $12 million.

Sixteen projects are receiving RInC funding valued at more than $2.6 million. An additional nine projects are receiving a total of $2 million under CAF. A detailed list of the projects can be found on the attached backgrounder.

Canada’s Economic Action Plan provides funding over two years for the RInC program and is being used to support upgrading and renewal of recreational facilities in communities, as well as to encourage increased participation in physical activity and community building. The CAF program is delivering timely and targeted stimulus to help communities and industries meet the challenges arising from the impact of the global economic slowdown.

For information on Canada's Economic Action Plan, please visit

Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Projects

Canso Arena: The local arena commission in Canso, NS, will undertake an extensive renovation of the arena, including the replacement of its ice plant and other capital repairs. Total Project Cost: $268, 646 RInC Contribution: $130,743 Client contact: Jennie Greencorn, 902-366-2872

Centennial Pool: The project involves renovations of the Centennial Pool, in Halifax, NS, to ensure that it remains an accessible facility and is able to train developmental to high performance aquatic athletes. Total Project Cost: $3,000,000 RInC Contribution: $1,000,000 Client contact: Margaret Soley, Coordinator Infrastructure Partnerships, 902-490-5591

Consolidated Recreation Association: The Whycocomagh Consolidated Recreation Association will make enhancements to the local arena. The project will include the installation of a low-e ceiling, a heat recovery system and compressor, and the replacement of plumbing fixtures and various doors. Total Project Cost: $106,500 RInC Contribution: $35,500 Client contact: Brian Ellis, Treasurer, 902-756-2617

County Arena: The Cape Breton Regional Municipality will replace the roof of the County Arena in Coxheath, NS, and undertake measures to improve the facility’s energy efficiency. Total Project Cost: $300,000 RInC Contribution: $100,000 Client Contact: Marie Walsh, Director of Finance, 902-563- 7979

Cromarty Tennis Club: The Club will carry out upgrades to its facility in Sydney, NS, including court upgrades (lighting, nets, etc.), building upgrades and land clearing. Total Project Cost: $44,250 RInC Contribution: $14,750 Client contact: Pam MacLeod, Vice President, 902-564-6666

Dan K. Stevens Memorial Arena: The project involves a major renovation of the community rink in Eskasoni, NS. Renovations will be made to the arena’s exterior, as well as its dressing rooms, washrooms, public seating area, restaurant and electrical and lighting systems. Total Project Cost: $978,000 RInC Contribution: $326,000 Client contact: Steve Parsons, Project Consultant, Eskasoni Band Council, 902-379-2422

Dominion Arena: The Dominion and District Recreational Complex will undertake renovations to the Arena with the installation of two compressors as well as insulation and siding added to the rear of the structure. Total Project Cost: $53,100 RInC Contribution: $17,700 Client contact: John Wadden, Manager, 902-849-6933

Inverness Regional Minor Ball Association: The community of Inverness is relocating its playing field due to the construction of a seniors’ complex on the current site. In addition to a new ball field, the project will also construct dugouts, washrooms, changing rooms, fencing and lighting. Total Project Cost: $427,431 RInC Contribution: $140,000 Client Contact: Leslie MacKinnon, President, 902-258-3343

Iona Recreation Complex: This project will expand the sports field and playground at the Rankin School of the Narrows. The expansion plans include a community walking track, modifications to the baseball field, an outdoor skating rink, a green activity centre and a hiking trail. Total Project Costs: $336,714 RInC Contribution: $111,284 Client Contact: Brendan DuGas, Principal, 902-725-2210

Mabou and District Athletic Club: The Mabou and District Athletic Club will upgrade the arena in Mabou. This work will include upgrades to the washrooms, windows, insulation, gymnasium area and physical plant, as well as the creation of a “green room” for parents and officials. The facility will also be made wheelchair accessible. Total Project Cost: $82,965 RInC Contribution: $27,655 Client contact: Jeff Lee, Manager, 902-945-2378

Maskwa Aquatic Club: This project involves completion of a new recreational multipurpose centre including a paddling/kayaking boat house, clubhouse with fitness centre, volleyball and basketball courts, a children’s day care program, swimming and aquatic sports activities. The Maskwa Aquatic Club is at Kearney Lake, Halifax, NS. Total Project Cost: $1,236,500 RInC Contribution: $366,000 Client Contact: Sean O’Connor, Vice-Commodore, 902-476-0680

North Inverness Recreation Association: The North Inverness Recreation Centre Association will undertake various upgrades to the Cheticamp Arena including the installation of a heat recovery system and a low-e ceiling. Improvements will be made to the lighting and heating systems, as well as renovations to the mezzanine area, referees’ room and the building exterior. Total Project Cost: $120,000 RInC Contribution: $36,760 Client contact: Wayne Chiasson, Manager, 902-224-3337

Port Hood and District Recreation Commission: The Port Hood and District Recreation Commission will make improvements to the Al MacInnis Sports Centre in Port Hood including renovations to washrooms and exterior infrastructure, as well as to the sewer, water, lighting and heating systems. The Centre will also be expanded to include a community swimming pool. Total Project Cost: $330,000 RInC Contribution: $110,000 Client contact : Joe Morris, Arena Manager, 902-787-3210

Richmond Arena: Work on this project includes structural, mechanical, electrical and exterior improvements to the Richmond Arena in Louisdale, NS, as well as lighting, plumbing and refrigeration upgrades. Total Project Cost: $178,500 RInC Contribution: $59,500 Client contact: Robert Samson, President, 902-345-2998

Sydney River Elementary School: The overall safety and accessibility of the playground at the Sydney River Elementary School will be enhanced by the purchase of new equipment and the addition of a walking/running track adjacent to the school. Total Project Cost: $29,046 RInC Contribution: $9,682 Client contact: Michele Armishaw, Principal, 902-567-2144

Town of Port Hawkesbury: This project will provide upgrades to the local ball and soccer fields in the Town of Port Hawkesbury, NS. Total Project Cost: $383,198 RInC Contribution: $126,455 Client contact: Jim Davis, Financial Director, 902-625-7895 Community Adjustment Fund (CAF) Projects

Antique Farm Equipment Museum: This project provides for an expansion of the Antique Farm Equipment Museum at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, in Bible Hill, NS. The project also includes new interpretive panels, promotional materials, web-site enhancements and signage. Total Project Cost: $262,690 CAF Contribution: $100,000 Client contact: Jeff Yuill, Chairperson, 902-897-4341

Brooklyn Civic Centre: This project involves the construction of a new community centre in Brooklyn, Hants County, NS. The new centre, attached to the local fire hall, will include a multi- purpose room, a stage, meeting rooms, offices, kitchen facilities and a 3,750 square foot open area featuring an indoor walking path. Total Project Cost: $1,509,922 CAF contribution: $555,684 Client Contact: Jerry Wood, CFO, 902-798-8391

Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design: This project involves several initiatives to support the growth and development of the Island's craft industry, including the development of the Centre's third floor as an exhibition and multipurpose space, technology upgrades such as videos of artisans at work, enhancements to the Centre's retail gallery, the expansion of the studio to include a glass kiln, and assistance with human resource planning. Total Project Cost: $100,000 CAF Contribution: $80,000 Client contact: Carol Beaton, Executive Director, 902-539- 7491

Cape Breton Island Pathways Association: In partnership with various groups, the CBI Pathways Association, of Margaree, NS will construct 50 kilometers of multi-use trail that will connect the Margaree Valley to the Cape Breton Highlands, the Keppoch Highlands and the Belle Cote Highlands. Total Project Cost: $500,000 CAF Contribution: $200,000 Client Contact: Darrell Taylor, Director, 902-248-2356

Celtic Colours International Festival: This project involves implementing several marketing initiatives to increase ticket sales and tourism expenditures in the host communities and to better meet the changing needs of the audience. The project also includes assistance with human resource planning. Total Project Cost: $301,198 CAF Contribution: $155,959 Client contact: Mary Pat Mombourquette, Business Director, 902-562-6700

Coast Arts Association: The project will provide enhancements to the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Canning, NS. This will allow the centre to increase its capacity to offer education, outreach and training programs. In addition, its summer camp and outdoor performance areas will be improved and a gift shop added. Total Project Cost: $225,500 CAF Contribution: $180,500 Client contact: Ms. Chris O’Neill, Director, 902-582-3842

Coxheath Hills Recreation Association: This project will extend the Coxheath, NS association’s existing hiking trail by an additional four kilometres, making various landscaping improvements, planting trees and making the site more accessible to the handicapped. Total Project Cost: $355,200 CAF Contribution: $200,000 Client contact: Andy Pittman, President, 902-562-7125

Paq’Tnket First Nation: This project involves the creation of new cultural grounds at the Paq’Tnket First Nations community in Afton, Antigonish County, NS. The new grounds will serve as a place for community members to come together to camp, have traditional cook-outs, socialize and enjoy nature. The grounds will also host a number of cultural and heritage activities. Total Project Cost: $97,600 CAF Contribution: $78,180 Client contact: Gerard Julian, Chief of PFN, 902-386-2781

Port Hood Streetscapes: The Municipality of the County of Inverness is undertaking a streetscapes improvement program in Port Hood, including includes new street lighting, the establishment of green areas and upgrades to sidewalks and park equipment. These enhancements will serve to increase local and tourism traffic and facilitate further economic development in the community. Total Project Cost: $850,000 CAF Contribution: $500,000 Client contact: Joe O'Connor, CAO, 902-787-3500

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